What Is Delighted Coffee All About?

Delighted Coffee is a passion built and coffee fuelled website here to give you reviews, recipes and links to both known Coffee brands and related products to help get your day off to a perfect start.

So I will be reviewing different coffee beans, blends, roasts and brands.

That being said we will also make and discover recipes that use coffee in someway and you should also look forward to our recommended coffee related products that can be found on Amazon.

Brian Walker

Who Is Behind the Blog?

My name is Brian Walker and I am the awesome person behind these words, currently 23 years young and as you can see… I’m into coffee! OK not just coffee of course I am also a game designer and 3D artist but I won’t get into them here as you are here to read about coffee after all.

I started this blog because I am really into coffee my favourite coffee is a nice hot Cappuccino and I really look forward to all the different kinds of coffee I will be reviewing.


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