Cappuccino vs Latte

Cappuccino vs Latte

As Cappuccino’s are my favourite coffee I decided to make a Cappuccino vs Latte article so you can see the differences between the two coffees so let’s get to it shall we.

I will start with the best first… in my opinion.



Cappuccino’s originate from Italy and has ⅓ Espresso, ⅓ Steamed Milk and ⅓ Foamed Milk this makes it a nice rich and bold Espresso drink that has been dialled down slightly with the steamed milk, optionally can be topped with cinnamon or chocolate to give it a slightly different taste as well as being able to draw in the foamy milk to create amazing designs and finally you can use cream instead of milk to get a more… Well creamier taste.




Latte’s also come from Italy but has much more milk, ⅙ Espresso, 4/6 Steamed Milk and ⅙ Foamed Milk, because the milk has a lot of milk you can tweak the ingredients to create different flavours a lot easier then you can with Cappuccino’s. The Espresso in Latte’s is much more toned down then in Cappuccino’s but the milk does give it a nice taste and because of all the milk you can create designs in the foam much easier then you can in Cappuccino’s.

Wait…. Steamed Milk… Foamed Milk… What’s the difference?

Well the difference is actually quite simple, and this can of course be done with cream if you wanted a more creamy taste. Here is a quick run down of both.



Steamed Milk:

  • Fill a jug halfway.
  • Place nozzle just below the surface
  • Turn steam on then move the nozzle just above the surface
  • When milk has double, move nozzle just below the surface
  • Then move the side of the jug to get rid of some bubbles

Here is a WikiHow on how to steam milk (Much more in-depth)


Foamed Milk:

This is from the steamed milk, just use a spoon to “scoop” the tiny bubbles on the top of the coffee, I recommend doing this after pouring the steamed milk into the coffee.

And that’s it, you now know the difference between Cappuccino and Latte as well as how to steam and foam milk!
In the comments let me know if you have tried these iconic coffee drinks and if you have made them yourself how did you get on with steaming and foaming the milk for them? 😀