Coffee Resources

Coffee Resources

Everything You Need To Know About (Delighted) Coffee

If you don’t know too much about coffee (Other than it’s a type of drink that makes you more alert) than you are in the right place! On this page I will teach you about every aspect of coffee from type of coffee to random facts you may not know!

I will also teach you about beans, instant and ground. I will provide coffee reviews even coffee related products, as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic delicious food and drink recipes and even the differences between coffee drinks like cappuccino vs latte.

Don’t know about coffee? Here’s a little explanation:

  • Coffee beans
    Coffee beans are berry seeds from Coffea plants that are ground down and water (usually hot) is forced through to make traditional hot coffee drink we have all heard of and most have tasted; For the curious, the Coffea plant is mostly found in Africa and Madagascar from where it originates.


  • Beans, ground, instant, what’s the difference?
    The difference between these is actually fairly simple, beans are where the coffee comes from but must be ground down in order to be used. Ground coffee is then put into coffee makers/machines where water is forced through the ground coffee and instant coffee is brewed coffee beans that have been freeze-dried to remove water.


  • General benefits of drinking coffee
    Unless you’re drinking decaf coffee along with that delicious flavor you’re getting a nice dose of caffeine. Caffeine itself has many benefits such as causing one to feel more awake and is also considered a diuretic (It makes you have to pee). Because it’s a diuretic a nice cup of coffee is also known to benefit those with high blood pressure. Coffee also has other things in it such as antioxidants and chlorogenic acid both of which are linked to better health.


  • Is coffee good for you?
    Yes, 100 times yes! Coffee actually has no fatty substances in it and has been linked to preventing brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, of course like everything too much coffee can be bad for you because of the caffeine it has but moderate consumption like less than 5 cups per day for the rest of your life should be OK! – It has even been linked to boosting mood! 🙂
    Here’s some more info on the nutritional facts of coffee –


  • Coffee is relatively cheap
    It really depends on what kind of coffee you buy, coffee beans are the most expensive as you need a grinder, a coffee maker/machine and of course the coffee beans but because you have to ground them down they can last a good while, ground coffee is slightly cheaper as it only needs a coffee maker/machine and the ground coffee and of course instant coffee is cheapest as it doesn’t need anything else but a kettle and a jar/pack of coffee.

So how will Delighted Coffee help you?

This website is full of useful information, tips and tricks, fascinating facts, reviews, and even gift ideas! I post coffee relevant articles that I’m sure will interest and amaze you e.g the difference between cappuccino vs latte. You can also find awesome alcoholic coffee drinks as well as non alcoholic and I even provide simple coffee related cooking recipes. Every week I will have a new article on something that some of you did or didn’t know about coffee as well as Twitter Mondays when I tweet #CoffeeTips and Twitter Saturdays when I have #FactOrFiction!

All my articles are or organised into handy categories you see on the top menu as well as all recent ones on the side so you can always be up to date, if you want to get involved you can also comment on any articles letting me and others what you thought!

I also have a great newsletter where I will send you exclusive content like special recipes no one else but us will know and any exclusive deals I can give you for all your coffee needs! – Don’t worry, no spam will be sent, only coffee related stuff you and me love.