Guest Posting

Firstly.. Thank you for considering guest posting with me! I really appreciate it and I think it’s a great opportunity for both of us to get a wider audience and I’m sure our followers also love the new things coming from guest posts. 🙂

Now why did I say “with me”? Well I like to think of guest posting as a 2 way thing, if you want to guest post on my awesome blog I would also like to guest post on your awesome blog, simple as that it will also help us become great friends.

Before you start filling out the form below please read my “requirements”, don’t worry I won’t restrict your creative writing but I do want all posts on my blog 100% about coffee. 🙂

  • You are can post on your own blog too but please state “First seen on” This is because the point of guest posting is to get content on someone else’s blog and make it unique.
  • The post has to be UNIQUE (meaning only on my blog).
  • The post must fit into a category, if you choose “random stuff” please state a new category name if would like me to add for your post.
  • The post MUST be about coffee.
  • The post preview has to be at least 130 words.

In the form below you will need to fill out your name, your email address (so I can contact you), your website URL (or the URL to the coffee part of your website), the category you want your post in, the post title and finally the post PREVIEW (do not send me the full article yet)

When you have submitted the form I will get in contact with you about it.