Rocket Fuel Strong Instant Coffee Review!

Buzzing To The Skies!

Today I picked up a little something called Rocket Fuel at the Sainsbury’s supermarket close to me. It sounds like something that should be an energy drink but it is in fact strong coffee so here is a review of my first cup of hot rocket fuel!

At £2.94 ($3.60 at the time of writing this) it’s certainly one of the affordable coffee out there, maybe mid price range for strong coffee in a supermarket. The coffee packing as you can tell from the picture is pretty different from most you would see but not much else can be said about the jar apart from it is also airtight so it will keep that nice strong coffee smell for a while.

Information on jar label:

  • Extra Dark Roast
  • Double Caffeine
  • Added Guaraná (1.75%)

Product details on Amazon

  • Airtight packaging to lock in freshness and flavour
  • Added Guaraná
  • High-octane dark-roasted coffee
  • Double-strength caffeine
  • Hot energy drink

Rocket Fuel does claim to be strong and that I won’t argue but it’s not as strong as it sounds, it’s a medium-strong strength with a slight Guaraná taste and nutty smell, more on Guaraná later.

This coffee has so much caffeine in it after one small sip I could feel my heart beating faster and my eyes widened and that familiar buzz started to happen. I’ve had my fair share of energy drinks (in fact I used to be addicted to them) but this stuff hit me much faster than they have done before. Even while writing this article I have been making a spelling mistake every few words because of how hyped I am after drinking one cup.

Overall I would recommend this for anyone who wants a quick buzz to wake up or before going to work, for indoorsy things like housework, maybe stuff to your usual brands though as the buzz you will get from this will make you want to run a few miles backwards on one foot with your hands in the air… OK Maybe I went a little far there but you get the point!

Now for Guaraná… What is it?

Guaraná is a plant common in Brazil, it has large leaves and flower clusters but most interestingly it’s fruit look a lot like eyeballs when split, the seeds from the fruit are what’s used as they have about twice as much caffeine than coffee beans (about 1-2% for coffee beans, and about 2-4% for Guaraná!). I really like the taste and smell it gives Rocket Fuel try it out!

Want to try out Rocket Fuel?

I searched Amazon for you and found the exact one I found so you can try it out and let me know what you think!

Rocket Fuel Instant Coffee 100G

Here’s something I’d like to ask you
what is your favourite coffee? Also I would love suggestions on how I can improve my articles so please let me know what you think of this article in the comments below!