Top 5 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee

Coffee Is Love, Coffee Is Life

Coffee is a universally well-loved drink. Many people drink it for many reasons, these are just five of my own personal reasons that I enjoy coffee myself.

  1. First thing to consider is the cost. it is affordable. Whether its ground, instant, or beans I find that a package will usually last me over a week at a time. When you factor in that the price is usually between £1-5 pounds (1.26-6.28 dollars) it’s an affordable drink.

  2. As it gets colder out coffee becomes a great way to warm up as well. Even when inside (it’s now 15°C in my house now, or 59°F) a nice piping hot cup can help heat me up; Well coffee and my Minion Onesie. Together they help me get through winter temperatures.

  3. I find that coffee also helps me focus in general. Because of the caffeine found in it I’m alert and at attention. When drinking coffee I notice that my productivity increases and I get more done. Whether its mental or the real drink itself I’m not entirely sure, but I like to think it’s the coffee itself. In fact I’m drinking Nescafe Gold now while typing this.

  4. Me When I Worked As A Waiter/BarmanGrowing up the only people you saw drinking coffee was adults. So it was just perceived by me that to drink it was a very grown up thing to do. My first job I worked as a waiter/bartender. On quiet days I worked solely as a waiter doing as waiters do, but on busy nights I got to go behind the bar to work. I was quick at it and it was then that I learned to make and prepare coffee professionally. During this time I fell in love with the process and grew very fond of it. Inside I’m still just a kid, but ever since then every time I make or drink a coffee no matter what kind of coffee (mostly an espresso type) I feel like an adult… if only for a bit!

  5. Working at that job gave me a lot of new experience. MY favourite though was to prepare a Cappuccino every morning and evening for my boss. I got to use one of those fancy professional machines. I fell in love with that machine and the process and in the end it just ended up ordering cappuccino to me. It is my favourite coffee drink. So my finally point would be it just makes me happy.

There are many reasons to drink and enjoy coffee. Now that you know mine why don’t you tell me a little about yours?